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Living ARTS Academy

Acting for Film and Television

Remove the mystique. . . . .

                    Chase your dreams. . . . .

                                and Leave the excuses at the door. . . . .

                                         . . . . . Learn how to do it here.

Our Programs


8 Weeks


Find the foundational approaches to acting in Film and Television that will lead to SUCCESS.


8 Weeks


Dive deeper, and

push past any preconceived notions, and build deep characters to portray on the camera


8 Weeks - On Going


Reach Higher Echelons of Skill

Launch your Career.  Learn the business to open new doors for your career!


Head shots, Demo-Reel Editing, Audition Services, Various workshops

The Mission

The Primary mission is to have our students become uniquely capable to book NATIONAL work and go on to potentially forge a VIABLE career in the Entertainment industry.


The Secondary mission is to foster an environment that will encourage any and all students from all walks of life to embrace their artistic abilities, while learning about themselves, others, and the world around them, while leaving excuses at the door.

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