Our Mission

The Primary mission is to have our students become uniquely capable to book NATIONAL work and go on to potentially forge a VIABLE career in the Entertainment industry.

The Secondary mission is to foster an environment that will encourage any and all students from all walks of life to embrace their artistic abilities, while learning about themselves, others, and the world around them, while leaving excuses at the door.

There will by many steps in this endeavor, starting with the fundamentals, and then leading into authentic ensemble scene work involving other actors. Eventually trips to local auditions, and after establishing demo reels from booked work, and acquiring agents through potential showcases, the goal is to book national work, individually.


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8 week class

This is where you will learn the fundamentals. Instrumentals to get you out of your shell, and in front of the camera, to get you used to nervous energy!

 In this class homework is assigned. The class itself is taught in a fashion that pushes the students, despite their age, to be PROFESSIONAL, and to engage the material in a way that is analytical. Think it's too much? You would be surprised how much you can retain, but also realize, we are pushing for the top! That means the ability to give amazing performances worthy of professionals!

Photo Studio

Specific Class Time(s)

to be determined


8 week class per

(minimum of 2 seasons before advancing)

Focusing on not only in depth Instrumental, but Craft, as well as a fundamental approach to the business practices.


This particular class goes deeper on all those subjects, pushing for a well rounded, self contained acting machine.

Movie Theatre

Specific Class Time(s)

           to be determined

8 Week Sessions -

On Going

This is the Class that gets students on a fast track to getting perfected in their craft.


DEEP instrumental exercises touching into the darkness and light in all our souls. Articulate Craftual Instruction, that builds the road map from the obligations to the CHOICES that fulfill them the BEST, as well multitude of the current business practices, and procedures.

Admission and Fees

On certain predetermined days that are considered Regular Classes and not special workshops, or showcases,

admissions are expected in the beginning.

Free 1 time "Audits" are always welcome and encouraged,

with a sit down with the staff instructor.

Email or call for an invitation, and times for age range.


Mr.J - 321-663-3613

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