Is there a schedule, for the seasons?

This class is intended to start the actor on the path to learning what is needed to be the absolute best actor they can be for TV and FILM. It is intended to get students on the road to being a self contained acting machine. Not for local yocal stuff, but the national stage, where all of your friends and family will want to see you and you will just have to tell them to check out a certain network and time.

Can I visit the Education Center?

Only current students and prospective students who have scheduled an Audit (Free sit in) and their parents and/or Guardians will be allowed in the Classroom or rooms used specifically for the Academy. To schedule an Audit, please call (321-663-3613) or simply email LivingArtsAcademy.J@gmail.com .

What is the difference between Acting for TV, and Theater?

Ever notice how close the view to the actor's face is on tv? Or how often you hear a whisper in a movie? Do you see or hear the same while watching a theater play, while sitting in the back row? It has been said "Theater is the EXAGGERATION of life, while Tv and Film is the IMITATION of life." Film and Television is THE most sought after career in the world, bar none. It is the most realistic, and allows for the most in depth character portrayal. You can see the inner workings of the mind while the characters are carrying on in their scene's. DON'T MISUNDERSTAND. Having a Theater Background is SUUUCH A HUGE ADVANTAGE!

What kind of diploma will I receive?

We don't give out diplomas, nor do we give our participation awards. Even if students complete the work, and even if they truly truly want it, they may still very much fail, or not "get" the part. Just like in life, there are no guarantees. What we train for, is to put the student in the best possible position to excel in the field. They learn about themselves, as well as the world around them. We aim to spark maturity and an excitement to do the work, because it is fun, and when getting used to doing work, they can actually achieve their dream.

Any additional questions? Ask Away!

If you have any questions, any at all, please feel free to call or email. And one of our instructors or staff members would be happy to reach back out to you and answer them asap.