The Academy is fun, but you have to take it seriously cuz it could be something really big for your future.

- Student

He just wants us to succeed, and actually tries without being mean.

He's a stickler, and you really should do the homework, but still he's so nice.

- Student

I didn't like the dancing and singing from theater, this is so much better for me, to actually get into TV and movies!

- Student

Cute Girl

As a parent I absolutely love bringing my kids to the Academy, I myself get to learn about the industry and the downfalls with it, and how to avoid those downfalls... The academy is the only one of it's kind in the Tri-County Area.

- Parent



 I was "bit" by the acting bug as early as I could remember.  The area in which I grew up was not conducive to getting ACTUAL work. It was like working as a scuba diver in the mountains. So I sought it out, and  FINALLY worked in the industry by myself through pure chance, and while going through seemingly everything that life could throw at me I still seemingly learned the ropes. The reason I am back , is to be the teacher I wish I had when I was younger, and in that respect, the results will speak for themselves.

- Instructor J